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2007-2008 Staff Assignments

Undergraduate Office Graduate Office
K. Kelly - Teaching Support Staff Laurel Lerner
Asst. to Director of Grad Studies
    A N T O N I A   S A R C H I:
Condensed Matter Theory  Anderson, Brinkman
Elementary Particle Theory  Adler, Callan, Gubser, Nappi, Polyakov, Tank, Witten
Mathematical Physics  Wightman, Lieb, Seiringer
  P A T    B A R W I C K:
Biophysics  Austin, Gregor
Condensed Matter Experiment  Ong, Hasan
Condensed Matter Theory  Haldane, Huse, Sondhi
Elementary Particle Theory  Klebanov, H. Verlinde, Wang, Herzog
  K I M     R.     D A W I D O W S K I:
High Energy Experiment  Marlow, McDonald, Meyers, Smith, Tully, *Stickland (off campus), Fitch, Olsen, Piroué, Shoemaker, Halyo
  R E G I N A    W.    S A V A D G E:
Atomic Physics  Happer, Romalis, Jau
Condensed Matter Experimental  Petta
Departmental Assignment  Colloquium; Seminar posters
  A N G E L A     G L E N N:
Cosmology, Gravity, Relativity  Groth, Page, Staggs, Jarosik, Fowler, Peebles, Pretorius, Jones
Pulsar Group  Taylor
Elementary Particle Theory  Steinhardt
  H E L E N     J U:
Nuclear Physics  Calaprice, Galbiati, Sherr
  M I C H E L L E     L U N D:
Condensed Matter Experiment  Yazdani
  R E G I N A     F I N N:
Mathematical Physics  Aizenman
  C H A R L E N E     B O R S A C K:
PCTP  Callan, Steinhardt


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