Princeton University
Friday, May 31, 2002
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    Paul Steinhardt 3:30 PM - Talk at Jadwin Hall Auditorium A10
4:45 PM - Reception at Brush Gallery

The Physics Deptartment will be hosting a gathering for its graduate and undergraduate alumni during this year's reunions. The event will start with a talk entitled "The Endless Universe," by Paul Steinhardt, who is the Albert Einstein Professor of Science. Professor Steinhardt is a world leader in theoretical cosmology. An abstract of his talk appears below.

The talk will be followed by an informal reception to be held in the Brush Gallery adjacent to the lecture hall. If you plan to attend please call 609-258-0757 or send email

ABSTRACT: "The Endless Universe"   -   According to the standard big bang theory of cosmology, the Universe began 15 billion years ago filled with matter and radiation of nearly infinite temperature. However, in the last year, a radical alternative has emerged which challenges nearly every aspect of the standard picture. In this ``Cyclic Universe," space and time exist forever, and the universe undergoes endless cycles of evolution and renewal. This talk, intended for a general audience, will introduce this provocative proposal, describe it links to fundamental physics and cosmology, and discuss how the two models may someday be distinguished.

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