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Physics Department Alumni Reunions 1999
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Friday, May 28, 1999
    4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Demonstration Lecture McDonnell Lecture Hall A02
    5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Reception Jadwin Courtyard

If you plan to attend please call or send email to Shelley Krohnengold 609-258-0757

    Message from the Chair:

Curtis G. Callan, Jr.,  Physics Department Chair The Physics Department would like to invite all returning department majors, survivors of freshman physics and just plain friends of physics to a Reunion event. One very dramatic change in the department since you graduated is the construction of a wonderful instructional building, McDonnell Hall, right next to Jadwin. We would like to show off its spectacular lecture hall by having one of our star lecturers, Professor Robert Austin, present some of the best Physics 103-104 demonstrations, accompanied by his inimitable line of patter. With high-tech audiovisuals and lots of headroom, the old favorites, like "Shoot the Monkey", are more gripping and instructive than ever before. Bring the kids! I'll take a few minutes at the beginning to give you a quick update on how the people and research of the department have evolved since you left. Afterwards, please join us for a reception with refreshments and let us catch up with what you have been doing since you graduated. If you can, email to let us know you are coming.

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