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Interdisciplinary Research

    The intellectual environment for research in the Princeton Physics Department extends far beyond the walls of Jadwin Hall. In the first place, there are Associated Faculty. These are faculty from other departments who are interested in being research supervisors for Physics students and whose research interests are such that we are happy to give a Physics degree for such work. There are Associated Faculty in Math, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Plasma Physics.

    Next, there are at least two major campus interdisciplinary institutes in which Physics faculty (and students) play an important role: the Princeton Materials Institute and the Institute for Integrative Genomics

    Finally, there are the projects that grow out of shared intellectual interests and rely on no special formal framework. They involve Physics faculty and graduate students and scientists in other departments and other institutions (most notably, the Institute for Advanced Studies, NEC Research Institute and Bell Labs).

    As time goes on we will make information about these activities accessible through this site.


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