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Purchasing:   Equipment Requisitions

For those of you who enter requisitions for equipment. If you don't, you can ignore this note or read for your own information. We have recently worked out a new equipment OPAR procedure with our ORPA rep.

  • Under Justification, the equipment OPAR should have the following information:
    • If itemized in the proposal budget, indicate which item. (i.e., This laser is listed in year 2 under cryovac chamber in the proposal budget).
    • If a component to a larger item listed in the budget, state what piece of larger equipment to which it is a component. (i.e., This T coupler is an essential component in the feed line for the 40 Mhz waveguide listed in the year 2 budget).
    • If part of a general equipment budget, state how this piece of equipment specifically is a part of the proposed research effort (i.e., a portable computer is needed for dissemination of research findings at presentations around the region).
    • If a rebudget is needed to purchase the equipment, state precisely from where other funds are to be provided and include information as in "c" above.
  • Get the PI to sign the OPAR.
  • Enter "justification" information as above on the requisition under "Header Comments." Send requisition forward.
  • Give the original copy of the PI signed OPAR to me for our files.
If you have any concerns or questions at anytime, please feel free to contact either the Grants Administrator or the Assistant to the Grants Administrator.


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