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What to do on Arrival to the Physics Department

Where Should You Go When You First Arrive?

On arrival please see the Assistant Department Manager: she will be able to direct you and answer questions you might have regarding your appointment, salary, benefits, insurance, visa, your office, and similar concerns. Next you should make an effort to meet the person responsible for your group's academic support who will have information specific to your group, such as regularly scheduled events and a general description of how the group usually conducts its business.

Telephone Authorizations:

To make a long distance call please dial 9, then your number, then (after a series of beeps) dial your authorization code which you can get from the Assistant to the Department Manager. You don't need an authorization code for local numbers. To dial a number on campus, first dial 8 followed by the extension.

Office Support:

Office assistants provide administrative and clerical support to individual research groups. The following services are provided to the junior and senior faculty members: technical typesetting of scientific papers in TeX, LaTeX and AmsTeX; submissions to on-line journals; typing of correspondence, distribution of recommendation letters, travel arrangements and general office duties. General support services include the production and distribution of seminar announcements, scheduling of appointments, on-line purchasing, and Travel Procedures.

Postal mail procedures: Please read the

Departmental Mail, Shipping & Receiving Procedures.


There are three copy machines which require keying in an account number. There is one machine on the third floor (see Elaine Bridges, Room 311, 8-5825) and two on the second floor. (see Kathy Patterson, Room 211, 8-4313). Please do attempt to remove paper jams but if you are unsuccessful please report problems to Elaine or Kathy and they will either help you if they are able to or call for service. If you need to make copies in Fine Hall Library (math/physics library) please contact the library personnel.

Office Supplies and Such:

Your group's office assistant will maintain a small supply of commonly used items. Larger quantities or special order items can be ordered directly from Boise Cascade. For details, see your group's office assistant.


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