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Mail, Shipping & Receiving Procedures

  • Mailroom: The mailroom is located on the first floor in the lobby area. The mail is distributed daily between 10:30 a.m. and noon. Forwarding of personal mail to your departmental mailbox is strongly discouraged with the exception of special circumstances. The mailroom serves as a general mail drop for letters and small articles. From here the mail is taken to the post office at 10am and at 3pm daily. For shipping of large items and UPS and Federal Express services, please see "Shipping and Receiving" below.

  • Catalogues: Our department receives an inordinate amount of unsolicited mail every day. You are strongly encouraged to remove yourself from such mailing lists. We have pre-printed postcards just for that purpose in the mailroom. All you have to do is fill out the vendor's address and drop it in the outgoing mailbox. All personal-interest type of catalogues as well as mail order catalogues should be mailed to the place of your residence.

  • Shipping and Receiving: Located on A Level, next to the loading dock entrance. For answers to questions regarding UPS Mail, Federal Express, moving, shipments of books, large articles and equipment please see the Jadwin Hall Shipping and Receiving Manager between 8:00-4:00pm

  • Forwarding mail: Departing faculty members research associates and visitors should leave their forwarding address and mailing labels with their group's office assistant.

  • Graduate students: should leave their forwarding address and 3 pages of mailing labels with the Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies. Mail will be forwarded for 60 days, and after that mail will be returned to sender. Also if mailing labels are not supplied mail will be returned to sender.


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