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    Ms. Laurel Lerner
    Asst. to Director of Graduate Studies
    Phone 609-258-4403

    Graduate Student Matters

Graduate Student Opportunities

Graduate Fellowships
Prospective and entering graduate students are encouraged to apply for an external fellowship:

Prizes and Grants

Honorific fellowships:
The Graduate school offers via annual competition (by nomination only) a limited number of Honorific fellowships to graduate students in their last year of graduate school. The fellowships consist of full tuition ($32,450) and a (taxable) stipend of $22,000 for the ten-month academic year.

Ray Grimm Memorial Prize in Computational Physics: (by nomination only)
This award, established in May 1985 by the many friends of Ray Grimm and Cray Research, Inc., makes available $5,000 for an advanced student (or $2,500 each if shared between two students) who has demonstrated significant achievement in computational physics. This prize is awarded via annual competition by nomination only.

CGS/UMI (University Microfilms International) Distinguished Dissertation Awards:
This award carries an honorarium of $1,000 and travel expenses to the presentation ceremony

Teaching prizes:
The Graduate School offers teaching awards of $1000 each to graduate students who have distinguished themselves as TA's. The physics department Departmental offers teaching awards of $500 each. AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers) offers teaching award consisting of a complementary membership.

Travel grants:

  • Departmental travel grant - The Compton Fund:
    The Compton Fund is a travel fund that reimburses up to $600 per student per year for participation in a conference, workshop or school.

    To receive the funds, prior approval must be obtained from the DGS. Interested students should email a formal request to the DGS ( with the a) details of the event they wish to participate in, b) a few lines on why they wish to do so, c) some documentation on the event (a website link will typically suffice)

    The funds are limited to a single trip each year.

    Please keep receipts for all expenses you wish reimbursed. Please submit the reimbursement request either through your advisor's (or pre-thesis advisor's) group secretary.

  • AGPA Summer Travel fellowship Program
  • Dean's fund for scholarly travel
Students need to apply for these grants. For the university grants, information can be found on

Symposia grants:
The Graduate School annually solicits proposals from graduate students for funding to support scholarly symposia, seminar series and workshops.


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