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    Ms. Laurel Lerner
    Asst. to Director of Graduate Studies
    Phone 609-258-4403

    Graduate Student Matters

Important Matters for Graduate Students

The following guidelines were approved at the November 19, 2007, meeting of the Faculty Committee on the Graduate School. As discussed at that time, department policy on this issue supersedes the Graduate School’s guidelines, detailed below.

Graduate study is understood to be a full-time commitment on the part of students. During an academic year, defined as September 1 to August 31, graduate student degree candidates may take up to (but no more than) four weeks of vacation, including any days taken during regular University holidays and scheduled recesses (e.g., the Fall- and Springterm breaks and inter-term break). The specific periods taken as vacation must not conflict with the student’s academic responsibilities, coursework, research, or teaching, and should be discussed in advance with one’s director of graduate studies, adviser, or dissertation committee.

If a student receives financial support for graduate study for only part of the year (e.g., regular term time, September 1 to June 30), then the amount of vacation should be pro-rated accordingly. If a student receives summer support and has taken the allowed vacation during regular term time, September 1 to June 30, then he or she should not take additional vacation time during the summer months of July and August.

If a student holds an external fellowship whose terms may conflict with this guideline, the student should consult first with her/his director of graduate studies or adviser. If questions remain, the student should consult with the Graduate School’s associate dean for administration or for academic affairs.

Important Dates for Graduate Students

TWO copies of experimental write-ups due in Laurel’s office by Friday, October 24, 2008. The name of the project supervisor must be on the front cover, and the supervisor must receive a copy on the same day. Total: 3 copies

Experimental orals: Nov 6, 2008 Time - TBD Location - TBD
Prelims: Jan 8 and 9, 2009 9:00–12:00 4th floor seminar room
Prelims: May 7 and 8, 2009 9:00–12:00 Location - TBD

Questions should be directed to Laurel Lerner.


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